YouTube Marketing advantages, tips, and positioning

What comes to your mind when you think about Marketing on YouTube? Well, the first conclusion you might have is YouTube is a field with many positioning opportunities.

It is easier to position multiple keywords directly on YouTube than on Google. So, taking into account that it is the second most used search option, Google will take you into account.

It plays in your favor the least competition concerning the search engine. Not everyone believes it is worth recording themselves, so it is normal to see presentations (Powerpoint, Prezi, etc) on the platform.

Also increasingly, presenters, scriptwriting agencies, and freelancers editing videos are used to make the videos look professional for little money.

For all this, starting or promoting your YouTube channel is a very good strategy in the medium-long term. The idea is to take advantage of the gap, thus, those who come after are the ones who look for the micro-niches.

YouTube marketing advantages

  • It is an alternative to position Keywords.
  • Due to the visual nature of the platform, you generate a greater impact on the systems of sale and acquisition of records.
  • You transmit confidence with ease, they see us and the commitment of the lead improves.
  • Advertising on youtube is cheaper and with less competition.
  • As a relevant opportunity for the results it offers, you have the union of YouTube + Influencers.

Two types of short and medium-long term strategy for YouTube marketing

This is valid for any business or niche. Selling directly on YouTube is difficult as it is on Facebook. Nonetheless, it is easy to generate interest, you just have to create good and entertaining videos. This will get a better predisposition and higher quality of the lead.

What are you looking for in the short-term?

Generating sales is the first and last objective of all internet businesses, so you are going to need to get a lot of traffic to your website as a second objective in the short term.

Besides, you will have to capture the lead’s email as a third step and, all these previous phases will help you to do branding as a fourth objective in the short term.

What about the medium-term strategy on YouTube?

With ads that generate interest and that take visitors to your YouTube channel, then redirect them or attract them to your website so you can get their mail.

You can make video announcements or impressions from Facebook, Youtube, or Adwords.

YouTube Marketing Tactics

  • Create pieces to achieve virality.
  • Make videos focused on training.
  • Small advertising spots.
  • Make interviews.
  • Educational style.
  • All these actions must be focused on obtaining registrations, subscriptions, and emails, etc., at the moment of the viewing or soon after.

To achieve this, we must impact and provoke direct action, sharing, and commenting are actions that must be directly induced or requested.

In summary, YouTube is an excellent second option if you want to improve your positioning. It is not expensive to advertise your brand, and it provides more interaction with your possible clients.

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