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What are Facebook Ads and how does it work?

Facebook Ads is an online advertising system used to promote both your Facebook page and your external material and paying for the clicks received.

It is a very useful tool for companies, especially for small and medium-sized companies, for online stores or for creating events. Facebook Ads allow you to get many benefits for a very small budget.

With Facebook Ads, you can easily advertise your company or the product you sell. With little budget, you can get a wide and segmented audience. Also effective results in no time. Facebook makes a total viralization of the ad so that it expands as much as possible.

Facebook Ads is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to get new customers by correctly promoting the Facebook page

For the product to reach your target audience, you can segment your search and adjust your ads to your type of customer. It can be segmented by sex, by age, by city, by taste, or by similar pages. It is a way to ensure that the ad reaches the right people and the target is achieved.

It is normally paid for the clicks you received. Because proper targeting is done, your ad will be shown only to people who may be genuinely interested in it and who will click this. Therefore, many clicks are assured and the goal you have set is reached.

Also, Facebook Ads will allow you to interact with your users to get to know them through raffles, games, or surveys. Knowing the interests of users will be beneficial for future ad promotions as long as it is their products. Besides, Facebook provides analytical reports on the results obtained. Thanks to these reports, the online campaign can be better optimized.

How do Facebook Ads work?

The first step is to run the advertising campaign and create ads that are promoted. The ad will enter a virtual auction competing with other ads that have chosen more or less the same criteria. For this reason, a relatively competitive offer has to be made. In case there is not much, the amount of money does not have to be very high.

Your ads can be made in the text but also with graphics or videos and will be shown in three ways: in the news section, in the right column on computers, and the news section on mobiles. When the campaign is published, it is advisable to optimize it every day to obtain better performance and greater benefits. If you want more articles about social media and marketing, check our blog.

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