Professional Voice Over

Starting at: $100.00

Add a custom, fully integrated professional voice over to your video project. Our voice over recording is performed according to your video storyboard, to stand out as one-of-a-kind.

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How To Place Your Video Order
  1. Select your voice over length and add it to your shopping cart; then fill out your own personal or business info to complete your purchase and launch your new voice over order with us.
  2. Next, we’ll get in touch to obtain more details on your new voice over project, such as video footage, video script, plus your preferred voice over style and brand guidance, and any logos, images or other creative assets we may need to work on your new voice over production.
  3. We’ll kickstart your project work according to a preset timeline, and once ready we’ll provide you a recorded voice over draft for review and approval.
  4. Once we’ve made all your specified voice over reading edits and adjustments, we’ll record a final version and deliver your final voice over file.
  5. Then, with your final approval we’ll offer to post your finished project on our portfolio and social media channels to boost its visibility on search engines like Google and top social networks online.

Based on your voice over project instructions and selection, our process can take from a few hours up to a few days to complete. We’ll communicate with you the whole way and keep you posted!

Need more help? Want an offline proposal from us instead? Contact us here and one of our Creativa advisors will assist you to get started in our process. We can advise you on your best voice over selection based on your preferred strategy: ad performance or budget efficiency.


What is a voice over?

Voice-over (also known as off-camera or off-stage commentary) is a sound recording production technique using a clear, well-spoken, non-narrative voice for multiple types of recorded messages across video, radio, television production, filmmaking, theatre and many more creative production media.

Why would I need a Professional Voice Over?

Videos that include an original, Professional Voice Over sound much more engaging, ultimately captivating and retaining their audiences’ average attention spans for even longer time periods.

What does this Professional Voice Over package include?

Our professional voice over consists of a custom recorded narrative for your video, according to its own script or storyboard.

Are there other options for the Professional Voice Over?

Choose the best voice over length based on your video’s playing time. The most popular voice over lengths tend to be 0:30 seconds or 1:00 minute.

I’m not sure where to start or what I need exactly… Can you help me?

Of course! Chat with us online during the daytime or send us an email at Tell us a bit more about your current business plans and goals and we’ll guide you with a free advice initial consultation. We look forward to connecting with you!