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Motion Videos

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Want to be the hero of your story? Motion videos are graphic, animated color cartoons weaving your business message into a creative short story.

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How To Place Your Video Order
  1. Select your video length and add it to your shopping cart; then fill out your own personal or business info to complete your purchase and launch your new video order with us.
  2. Next, we’ll get in touch to obtain more details on your company or brand, like your logos, images and any other creative assets we may need to work on your video production.
  3. We’ll kickstart your project work according to a preset timeline and once ready we’ll provide you a video draft for review and approval.
  4. Once we’ve made all your specified video draft revisions, edits and adjustments, we’ll deliver your final video version.
  5. Then, with your final approval we’ll post your finished project on our portfolio and social media channels to boost its visibility on search engines like Google and top social networks online.

Based on your video project scope and selection, our process can take from a few hours up to a few days to complete. We’ll communicate with you the whole way and keep you posted!

Need more help? Want an offline proposal from us instead? Contact us here and one of our Creativa advisors will assist you to get started in our process. We can advise you on your best video selection based on your preferred strategy: ad performance or budget efficiency.


What is a Motion Graphics Video?

Motion Graphics videos have cartoons tell a story completely visually using different characters, products or process representations. It’s the most visually focused and colorful way to tell a brand or company story. This videos are used more and more for software, internet, and technology business messages in general. They’re also starting to be used by more industrial companies and small, growing businesses.

How can a Motion Graphics video benefit me?

This videos are more sophisticated than Whiteboard videos. Colorful motion graphic cartoon videos are great to creatively tell a story about a more abstract process or technology offer. If budget is less of a concern, Motion Graphics videos is the way to go for truly showcasing a product or a business in a spectacular way.

What does this Video package include?

The basic version of our Motion Graphics Video includes 30 seconds of video play time with one royalty-free stock music track.

Are there other options or add-ons for this videos?

Yes – You can order a custom English-language voiceover (+$100 price add-on). You can also add up to 120-180 extra seconds (2:00 – 3:00 minutes max add-on) of video playtime for an extra +$100 added.

Will I rank #1 on Google?

Regularly publishing and promoting targeted brand, product or service videos is part of a winning marketing and SEO strategy. Many different factors including time, effort, market messaging and white-hat SEO tactics (to mention a few) can affect web content rankings in top search engines online. Like other reputable digital shops, we can’t guarantee your 1st-page search engine results. Some of the top key factors to focus on for developing a better SEO strategy and results include your webpage content, a web development strategy, on-page SEO optimization, technical SEO, off-page SEO tactics, search engine advertising, social media strategy, marketing strategy, etc. For an SEO strategy package customized to your business growth and visibility goals, contact us today.