Tecknolab Databases Optimization

Looking for reducing costs and complexity in critical databases infrastructure?

Introducing DBcloudbin. The solution for reducing database size transparently for applications.

Many business applications save large contents, such as documents or images in databases, increasing the cost of infrastructure and backup.

DBcloudbin move them to an efficient storage, 10 times cheaper, with no needing to change apps. Simple and fast.

We provide huge savings, improving performance of your critical applications.

DBcloudbin extracts information and saves it securely in an optimized object store infrastructure. When your app accesses the database, we deliver the content from the object storage in a transparent way. Your app works as it should, but faster. Your costs will be reduced drastically.

Visit our website and try it for free with your applications.

You will get 5GB of free storage, absolutely free!

Do not wait any longer and contact us!

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