Send Secret Messages Emoji - Karmies

You mission little sister -if you choose to accept it- is to follow the clues linked in the karmies. What are karmies? You don´t have karmies secret emojis? What are you like 80? You know I´m 18, I´m in college now... What are karmies? Gimme your phone, just download them... see? simple! now, watch this... You sent me a face... Its not a face, its a smiley face! did it shamie? then you got the secret mission.. uhhh? click on it wow! it opened a whole new message like hidden behind the icon... sign mom´t birthday card , its in the kitchen ! Wait! it just blew up! Yeah, now you try, OK, just choose the karmie, add a secret picture and attach message... My friends are going to love secret emojis! Create your own secret mission with karmies Secret Emojies Send and receive secret pictures and hidden texts...

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