Risco Group: Virtual Security Officer

Damage loss shaft the threats to companies are numerous and increasing.

Preventing these crimes requires staying ahead of the curve with the best intrusion video surveillance and access control systems on the market.   

But these advanced security platforms come with increasingly complex monitoring and control features. 

Instead of managing multiple systems, five three separate interfaces control everything from a single intuitive interface with whiskers.  

Integrated security management software. You need the big picture and you need it now. Risco collects and processes the data from all your various systems, then presents it in multi-dimensional Maps via a single interface. 

Business owners can now easily monitor all their security activities anytime anywhere in daytime.  

Risco's software simplifies administration with comprehensive workflow automation including door control alarm activation, and scheduled on-screen instructions for security personnel.  

At night the situation management system instructs guards how to effectively react to crises by displaying predefined guidelines.  

Risco's security integration software is the ultimate cost-effective solution 

simplifying your security administration and reducing you're guarding expenses.

Risco's integrated security solution: your virtual security officer

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