Red Som. Health Assistance Management.

Miguel is a 45 year old electrician that got electrocuted while climbing on a street lighting pillar. He was diagnosed with first degree burns in both his upper and lower layers and was taken to the hospital ER for medical review. His progress was then followed by a surgeon, an orthopedist, a dermatologist, a psychologist, and nurses among other health professionals. After 10 days he got discharged from the hospital and returned home hoping that someone would contact him to start the rehabilitation process. There was a long wait. The delay in contacting Miguel was justified on the grounds of clinical history retrieval that was performed manually by each and every professional who saw him back at the hospital. After one month several rescheduled consultations and never-ending waits, Miguel was admitted once again into the hospital due to an infection in one of his words. It was then when a series of data collection errors were detected, prompting Miguel's relatives to invest time and resources to obtain adequate attention. This lack of coordination caused exhaustion disorientation and uncertainty amongst Miguel's relatives, and a sense of abandonment. In McAllen needless to say absence from work also had a profound impact on Miguel's employers but there was uncertainty as to whether to find a suitable and qualified replacement. To government position a case like the one described above makes us realize that it is really necessary to count on an institution capable of accompanying and guiding Miguel throughout the process, and obtain what he really needs. That is the mission of Red Som: to be able to support all insurance carriers. Miguel and his employers taking over the integral management of the episode. Why? because of our 20-year proven track record in accident ology we have created an orderly process flow scheme that involves health professionals patients, and their environment. Because almost 40% of clients presented problem in their diagnosis and in the attention and coordination of injuries prior to Red Som taking over their cases. Whenever a person suffers an accident, insurance companies inform to Red Som. Emergency center immediately takes care of the case its entirety, Red Som handles appointments obtains necessary authorizations with health providers and oversees the treatment plan until medical discharges release throughout our interconnected digitalized system. Health professionals and insurance carriers employers and whoever request it can obtain patients evolutions in real time. Medical reports and on-the-spot result the system also furnishes with an intelligent control panel that directs either automatically or selectively reports and regressions to the health providers managers as they may request them Red Som guarantees. The best customer satisfaction, best process control and professional management optimizing resource usage, and real time access for all involved participants: Red Som health assistance management easy for everyone.

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