Perry Group. We Help you to Protect your Hotel Assets

A lender's life is full of uncertainty, and we know just how hard it is, so choose the right Receiver to help you protect your hotel assets! Protect your hotel assets with Perry Group, you do not have to keep feeling insecure We know that you are looking for the best financial outcome and return on distressed hotel loans, and we provide the best receivership, management, and real estate services. - BETTER FINANCIAL RESULTS. Return on distressed hotel loans As a Court Appointed Receiver, we help you protect your hotel assets and get the best outcome during foreclosure and receivership. - Better result during hotel foreclosure and receivership. A strategic alliance between Perry Group International, Packard Hospitality and Quay Hospitality that simplifies and adds value to the receivership process. - Perry Group International + Packard Hospitality + Quay Hospitality Please contact Dennis Gemberling for further information.

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