Motor Vehicle Network (MVN): DMV Advertising in America

It's getting harder and harder to catch a customer's attention these days. You want your ad to get noticed, but how can you do that when there are distractions everywhere? they come in every shape size, color, and medium possible.

What if you could control that and create the perfect advertising nvironment?

- First of all eliminate all distractions so you can have the audience's undivided attention.

- Second exclusivity no direct competitorsjust your brand and nobody else. - - Third it's mandatory your audience has no other options; they just have to be there.

With motor vehicle network that ideal advertising environment is real and it's available for you. MVN is the exclusive digital signage network the Department of Motor Vehicles in over 20 states and growing from LA to New York from Miami to Anchorage surpassing 600 DMV offices and reaching more than sixty eight million receptive viewers.

DVN audiences on average stay at a motor vehicle office for over 45 minutes and all they can do is wait this is the perfect opportunity to command their attention when they are the most receptive.

The motor vehicle network multiple screens are strategically placed to guarantee maximum viewability.

DVN office procedures and queuing numbers are displayed on mbm screens to ensure any gauged audience. Only eight qualified advertisers are permitted in each DMV office, all of them with category exclusivity.

You can target virtually every age gender ethnicity and socio-economic segments and reach new drivers the numbers speak for themselve.

Eighty-three percent of DVN customers say they watch mvn often and forty-six percent recalled the advertisers and their products.

Consumer awareness equals sales as consumers are more likely to buy your product or service from a company they know.

Take advantage of total exclusivity of that perfect advertising environment

and exceed your marketing goals.

MVN motor vehicle network the must view network call 809 229 933 now or go to MV to learn more.


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