Marketing for Hotels: Z-CARD, a Smarter Print Product

When it comes to your marketing you want your message to be relevant. So, why not get creative with paper and choose a product that fits todays need.

Z-CARD is a smarter print product. Compact on the outside, with plenty of space on the inside. And no matter what the message is, a Z-CARD does it efficiently and effectively.

How? It is the power of the format! Designed to engage your customers a lot

longer than other print and digital media can. It is unique, memorable and

retainable and slips right into pockets, wallets, handbags or lanyards.

And the good news is: Z-Cards takes care of the environment!

This is why today’s top brands turn to Z-CARD over and over again.

So, are you ready for something new? Get in touch with our Z-CARD team to find out how Z-CARD can boost your campaign.

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