Interaxlink: Shoppers Counter, In-Store Behavior and Digital Surveillance for Stores

Steve did not know how to control his store or even begin to understand the behavior of his customers until one day he had an idea James guard he says to have the ability to friendly greet all customers and count all visitors coming in and out of the store accurately.

Suzy cashier ability charge the clients in a line longer than 20 meters or 60 feet without getting tired.

Fred Mentalist he is able to interpret customers movements and thoughts accurately all the time well almost all the time no no no no it would be smarter to think about a better idea yes interacts link the solution to your problems interacts link helps you to have a more objective vision and quantitative analysis about your stores performance.

Thanks to its cognitive vision and video analytics software it is capable of capturing with great accuracy the flow of people walking in front of the store how many come in and out of the store and even how many of them make a purchase.

Another Interacts links technology is measuring them thank for the lines in case that the checkout line exceeds the desired number of customers waiting the system will send alarms to the person in charge to a preferred device such as a smartphone and by doing so more personnel would be sent to the cashier area to help reduce the line.

Steve was also able to know how effective his display cases were even if they were seen by men women children and yes you guessed it even by you too in addition he was able to identify the stores hotspots particular items and areas frequently seen by the customers he also had the ability to segment all visitors of his store by age and gender steve discovered that being able to understand the customers behavior is not a talent of many but the talent and technology of interacts league. 

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