IAEA - International Association of Engineering and Architecture

International Association of Engineering and Architecture is a non-governmental organization, which establishes an alliance between engineering and architecture professionals of all specialties for the identification, organization and development of global professional activities.

Engineers and architects are characterized by their creativity, innovation and tireless search for the well-being of society.

This is how 8 years ago, a group of engineers and architects came together to respond to a spe cific need: create and have a platform for the development of the profession at an international level.

In this way, the IAEA is founded betting on both the development of technologies and the adaptation of existing tools to transform ideas into reality.

From the head office in Madrid, Spain, we are currently working with engineers and architects from USA, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Portugal and others...

… To contribute to t he identification, organization and development of engineering and architecture activities that obey the needs of a global world.

To encourage professional solidarity, and the preservation of engineering and architecture historical legacy.

And to develop studies, projects, programs and plans that enhance the profession and promote the development of sustainability and progress in society.

One of the key pieces of the good results and growth of the

association have been the technical commissions and work groups, which include issues of Accidents and Natural Disasters, Development Cooperation, Water Man agement, Occupational Safety, Safety and Risks, and Sustainability.

From these purposes, we are committed to integrity, leadership, accountability and ethical values to achieve faster progress towards the goal of a sustainable, resilient and inclusive world, establishing competence, experience, resources and skills.

IAEA proposes efficient systems dedicated to ensure consistency in their services and offers to international organizations the development of strategies and systems in a way that the interested parties can be involved in order to obtain suitable results.

We are facing a change of era in which the option of continuing with the same patterns is no longer viable.

Therefore, IAEA strengthens the link between the Government, citizens and organizations to guarantee that the efforts are completely oriented towards the fulfillment of the sustainable development goals, as to promote research and innovation.

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