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International Association of Engineering and Architecture Certification Programs Projects have risks and it is necessary to act preventively. These risks can arise in planning, during execution or in operation; the latter are the ones that are of greatest concern since normally the owner or user has no relationship with those who built. These risks increase with the complexity of the projects, industrialization, short completion times and the use of difficult locations. Therefore the risk must be evaluated; treatment, monitoring and control measures must be taken. The economic sustainability and the notoriety of the companies require the transfer of their risks. Bearing liability burdens for structural damage, they expose companies and, as a consequence, their clients, suppliers and investors. Therefore, the countries impose the obligation of irrevocable guarantees that can be 100% of the value of the project and, normally, those that grant them demand prevention and supervision of risk. IAEA, aware of the importance of the competence of engineers and architects in the prevention and supervision of the risks of failure and damage, has a recognition program that identifies, analyzes and evaluates the most important competition factors that define these professionals. Providing confidence to its direct clients and those who grant guarantees, such as insurers, reinsurers and guarantees. In addition, we maintain working committees open to agents and stakeholders to build a model that not only serves professionals but also all participants in the processes. Inspection and Evaluation of Structural Risks Professional Certification Certification Program Inspection and Evaluation of Structural Risks Professional Designed to analyze and deliver: - Professional competence - Insurers, reinsurers and guarantees. - Working committees open to agents and stakeholders. Thus, the professionals certified by IAEA have completed the technical training, have the experience and the elements of behavior that allow them to be confident that they will fulfill their mission. Certification of Risk Prevention Entity Likewise, IAEA has the benchmarks for the recognition of risk prevention entities. Responding to legal requirements, standards and market demands, according to the UNE 31000 risk management criteria). This certification is aimed at the most demanding clients who seek to prevent anything that could compromise a work or compliance with the responsibilities and guarantees of the Building Planning Law (LOE). ¡With these certification programs, IAEA recognizes those entities with the necessary competence to carry out and fulfill their mission successfully!

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