How to Camperize a Van

Do you have a van that you want to camperize? For trips, sports, or whatever you want? Discover how to do it in a fast and economical way!. Until now, camperizing a van was a tedious process in which you had to leave your van at the garage for a long time, pay for a ton of certificates and other items.

Inspection was needed and changes in your van were irreversible. It was a long, expensive and complicated process.

Now, all of that belongs to the past!!

Furgomania introduces… Self-Install kits, patented!

Go to Furgomania dot com and choose the self-install kit of your preference

In a few days you will have the kit at your door, ready for installation. You can do it all yourself within minutes and without any tools!

And now you can go camping!

Oh, and without any kind of inspection!

Save time and money with Furgomania ́s Self-Install Kits.

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