Group 207. Maritime Logistics Management in Israel

At this very moment a cargo ship with your container is making its way to

Israel. In the next few minutes it will dock at the port of Ashdod. From this

moment on your container isn't just in good hands; it's in the absolute best.

Group 207 has revolutionised local maritime logistics by operating the most advanced logistics center in Israel, offering enormous commercial andoperational benefits to its customers.

Terminal 207 is a 70,000 square meter facility of cutting-edge technology

multitrack gates LPR cameras on every track, a gateway management system, a system for managing container storage areas in a control system for managing all cargo.

Handling processes elevated cargo storage areas in forklifts for

raised loading

The 208 TPL duty-free warehouse the most advanced of its kind

featuring a comprehensive technological array, including WMS a storage area management system in an entrance, and exit management system with an innovative video surveillance system for supervision and control.

Marine containers. A unique cutting-edge facility featuring electronic identification during arrival for inspection that significantly decreases driver waiting time.

Advanced entrance and exit gates. Accessible storage areas top-of-the-line transport vehicles, and cutting-edge work.

Chet refrigerated marine containers advanced services in 24 hour day. Temperature surveillance makes it the industry leader in the

field of refrigerated maritime containers, and ships storage areas and

ports and terminals and at the packaging centers of our export customers aisle cargo an innovative information system that manages a fleet of dozens of trucks and trailers for the transport of


Cargo and partial cargoes situated at the Ashdod port for conveyance to local railways and delivery throughout israel. The combination of the most advanced facilities in israel with the leading procedural management systems makes Group 207 the best maritime logistics group in the country.

Call us today we'll be happy to arrange for your tour of our facilities.

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