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Wow is this magic lamp. Hi there! I'm the genie of the magic lamp amazing. I already know my three wishes: I would like bicycle, a new dress .... wait wait that's all old school now we have something much better... dreams rocket !c Deams rocket is a social network completely free where you can ask for your three wishes, but that's only the beginning. You will find people willing to help you achieve your three wishes, and you'll be able to do the same for others: help them fulfill their dreams. And when you do so you'll receive credits that will allow you to ask for more wishes. The possibilities are limitless; would you like to be part of the biggest pay it forward chain?. Small good actions of many people can make big changes. Feel the satisfaction that comes from helping others. At dreams rocket we can all be the genie of the lamp. Thank You genie! this is awesome... you're welcome Thanks to dreams rocket I can be on holidays forever... live your dreams start now join dreams rocket

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