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Do you like Digital Marketing? If you also like sales! We propose you to make money with our affiliate network! - Sign up for Creativa Works. - Click on the affiliates button, and create your user in the registration form. - Then confirm your email and your intention to belong to the Affiliate Program. - Now you can access your control panel, where every day you can check your commissions, generate links for your website, and create discount coupons for your customers. - To generate your affiliate links click on the tool tab, paste the address of our product, and click on generate link. - This URL can be used on your website, social networks, or send it to your clients Every time your link is used to buy you’ll take a commission of 10 to 40% depending on the product. Oh, and very importantly, make sure you set up the PAYMENTS tab at least one means of payment, such as PayPal, Bank or Stripe in order to apply and receive the collection of your commissions. And that's it! Turn our platform into your new source of income, working from home! Welcome to Creativa Works!

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