CCH LEARNING, Accounting Learning to Keep on Top

Let's face it accounting firms today are operating in an increasingly competitive marketplace. How do you give your practice the edge?.

At CCH learning we've been living in your world for over 45 years so we understand that challenges you're facing enhancing.

The capability of your accountants is a powerful strategy. In fact, it's been proven that investing in training increases productivity, and provides an excellent ROI but this can get expensive.

What if you could achieve these benefits in a new way? What if you could gain unlimited access to a growing library of streamed videos, and live webinars across a widerange of topics, from industry leaders, in

a way that's comprehensive more flexible more cost-effective and automatically tracks the hours you watch for CPD?.

Now you can for just thirty dollars per user per month join cch learning now and give your firm the edge. 

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