C8 MCT Oil - Brain 8

Feeling sluggish? brain fog? looking for that boosting energy? the solution: coconut oil but not your everyday coconut oil. Brain 8, the power fuel for mind and body. The popularity of coconut oil is on the rise due to the incredible health benefits it provides. But not all coconut oil is equal. With so many choices it's easy to become overwhelmed and confused. Essentially there are three types of coconut oil the first is the most simple and basic cold pressed virgin coconut oil. This is made up of four main fatty acids. This type of coconut oil is a source of slow burning energy it's got that coconut smell and taste and will harden at certain temperatures. The second type is the upgrade to MCT or medium chain triglycerides. This is refined down to a 50/50 blend of only the c8 and c10 oils. This gets absorbed much faster and will provide energy much more efficiently. MCT oils have no taste or smell. Next is the ultimate upgrade the pure C8 MCT oil of brain 8. This is the most concentrated and potent form of coconut oil. Here's how it works. Once consumed the c8 is carried directly to your liver which then goes to work breaking down the fat into ketones. The presence of ketones will put you into a state of ketosis. This is when you are burning fat instead of carbs for your energy. Brain 8 is converted to ketones within minutes much quicker than a regular MCT oil, giving you a fast clean burning powerful source of fuel. Ketones are also able to pass through the blood-brain barrier giving your brain an instant source of energy. Gaba production is increased and as a result you experience greater mental clarity and focus. Goodbye brain fog. Ketones are the key differentiating factor in the potency of coconut oil c8. MCT oil has been shown to be twice as effective in boosting blood ketone levels when compared with the standard 50/50 blend of c8 c10 MCT oils, and far more potent than just a regular coconut oil. By boosting the blood ketone levels with brain 8 you are feeding your mind and body a super fuel which results in decreasing the amount of fat you store, and helping you burn the fat you already have. Suppressing hunger increasing satiety, or feelings of fullness, increasing your metabolic rate, increasing energy levels, increasing mental focus and clarity. Brain 8 is made from only certified organic coconuts. Absolutely no palm or palm kernel oil is used to preserve the quality of brain 8. We use recyclable light and heat-resistant glass bottles instead of potentially dangerous plastics. The entire process is solvent free to ensure the laboratory verified purity of this premium C8 MCT. As it is completely odorless and flavorless you can add it to your morning coffee, to your favorite smoothies protein shakes salad dressings, pre workouts or enjoy it just on its own. Use Brain 8 to jumpstart your day. Give your muscles that extra boost of energy before an intense workout, or to focus your mind before heading into the boardroom Brain 8 power fuel for mind and body. https://covolife.com/

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