Brackitz: Toys for Building Things

Looking for the perfect smart toy for your child? Introducing brackets the award-winning building and construction toy for children of all ages.

Brackets is changing the way they learn play and develop. Not only do brackets provide hours of genuine wholesome entertainment but they're specifically designed to stimulate and expand children's minds helping them to grow and Excel like never before.

Kids love to build building blocks have long been known to provide key learning and developmental benefits such as hand-eye coordination three-dimensional spatial awareness and exploration of gravity but standard stacking blocks are severely limited in that they fall down easily and construction occurs only in one direction.

However with brackets patented and revolutionary connect anywhere system children as young as three are no longer merely stacking blocks they're building large complex stable structures and they're limited only by their imaginations.

In a world of useless plastic toys where kids are restricted by manuals and build kits the simple connect anywhere process of brackets engages children's imagination while exploring engineering math and architecture as they make things that matter like hotels vehicles stadiums, starships animals robots, anything they can think of.

They can share and build together move their structures around, break them down, or keep them to revise another day and it's so much fun.  

Brackets is the perfect toy we'd like to think so and our legion of moms dads grandparents teachers and other thrilled customers agree brackets are safe sturdy and strong creating is so intuitive and open-ended your child will be planning and building within seconds of opening the box.  

And don't forget brackets are 100-percent made in the u.s. unleash your child's full potential. 

Order today Krakens hours of imaginative fun and play.

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