Biodegradable Plastic Packaging

Are you familiar with Controlpack's innovative Bio-V biodegradable plastic packaging? More and more environmentally conscious people are using these fast-acting biodegradable packaging materials that don't release micro particles into the environment. - Special treatment to accelerate its decomposition - Environmentally friendly biodegradable plastic packaging. BIO-V stretchfilm is made from the latest generation of raw materials following the same quality criteria as traditional plastic with the advantage of being more resistant. - All quality controls aproved. - Withstands heavy loads. - Goods arrive at their destination in perfect condition. Used to wrap light or heavy loads, it ensures that the goods can reach their destination warehouse safely and in perfect condition. - Decomposition takes place quickly when plastic accidentally gets into the environment. Once at its destination, the plastic packaging can be removed and placed in a recycling container. Its impact on the environment is as small as possible, with decomposition occurring by bacteria, turning it into natural materials such as inert humus, methane, CO2 or water. In no more than three years, it will be completely decomposed. Complete decomposition in no more than 3 years Controlpack, We protect the environment through our technology (+34 977 71 35 62) ( 11 months ago
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