Billing Software (FTS Billing Solutions)

Sharon is CEO of an MVNO that is looking to offer new services to its customers. Recently her marketing department came up with a brilliant new service that she wanted to implement quickly.

She turned to her billing vendor for help, but they told her implementing the changes would be costly, and take a long time. Sharon wanted an immediate solution!.

FTS can do it! said Jeff, her CIO... They provide solutions which enable MVNOs to become quick and agile, transforming their billing platforms from bottlenecks into revenue generators.

They can give us an out-of-the-box convergent charging and billing solution for both prepaid and postpaid services. And as our business grows, FTS will enable us to offer branded services and smart revenue sharing plans to other MVNOs.

Transforming ourselves into a full MVNO sounds great!, said Sharon.. let's give them a try in a short.

While the new billing solution was up and running it was vendor-independent, highly scalable and fully configurable, allowing Sharon's

MVNO to rapidly meet the needs of any new business requirement thanks to its policy control, and charging tools.

It also guaranteed personalized service, and pricing tiers for customers.

Just a few weeks later innovative new services are implemented in record time, giving the MVNO an edge over its competitors.

Sharon can see an increase in revenue, and at the same time a dramatically lowered total cost of ownership.

FTS change at the speed of marketing. 

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