Azuredesk: Ticket System for Customer Support

Travelfoo is an online travel company and has lots of customers customers send them email to support. At travel food calm with questions regarding changing or canceling their flights, how to view hotel bookings, and so on.

The agents get a thousand emails and calls every day asking the same questions again and again.

It's become a nightmare to keep the customers happy... the solution is www AzureDesk dot com. It's a cloud-based customer service software which provides the following features:

- a self-service portal where you can add frequently asked questions

- with twitter feed dedicated support email ID so that all the emails are converted into support tickets

- Twitter integration so that the customer provided feedback on Twitter are converted into tickets ticket management with separate views

- Administration portal to add customers

- Companies and agents in built

- jireh integration so that support requests can be easily converted into jireh bugs and many more features ...

hurry up and sign up your free account at

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