Aderco: Sustainable Fuels and Additives for Transportation

Aderco produces the latest generation of sustainable fuel treatments for mining, marine, land transportation and energy centers around the world. Aderco technology makes fuel profitable from the first drop. We work with gasoline, diesel and biofuel, avoiding adding extra chemical additives. Fuel tanks and systems are kept clean. The Aderco molecule is a 100% vegetable, organic, ashless solution and an ecological detergent dispersant. Maintaining consistent fuel quality is Key to keeping equipment running, customers happy and OPEX under control. Reducing Downtime related fuel issues by using cleaner filters and maximizing work, we can improve fuel economy. With a proper cleaning system, we will avoid carbon build-up and reduce emissions. By correctly treating fuel used to run machinery and generate power with ADERCO technology, time between Overhauling (TBO) remains in the sequence as recommended by Original Equipment Manufacturer, resulting in fuel savings on average, ranging between 2.5% and 5%; all without any workflow disruptions. We are at your disposal with Aderco Technology in our fuels! 10 months ago
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