Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics videos are animated color cartoons making you the hero of your story.

Want to be the hero of your story? Motion videos are graphic, animated color cartoons weaving your business message into a creative short story.

What is a Motion Graphics Video?

Motion Graphics videos have cartoons tell a story completely visually using different characters, products or process representations. It’s the most visually focused and colorful way to tell a brand or company story.

This videos are more sophisticated than Whiteboard videos. 

Who is using these videos?

This videos are used more and more for software, internet, and technology business messages in general. They’re also starting to be used by more industrial companies and small, growing businesses.

How do they benefit my business?

Colorful motion graphic cartoon videos are great to creatively tell a story about a more abstract process or technology offer. If budget is less of a concern, Motion Graphics videos is the way to go for truly showcasing a product or a business in a spectacular way.

What does this package include?

The basic version of our Motion Graphics Video includes 30 seconds of video play time with one royalty-free stock music track.

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