3D Render

Architecture, engineering and interior design companies immerse clients into finished projects.

Architecture, engineering and interior design companies immerse clients into finished projects with our rich 3D Render Videos. Clients can realistically visualize new facilities, layouts and designs before setting foot onsite.

What is a 3D Render Video?

3D Render videos are a detailed, animated 3-dimensional representation of a 2-dimensional set of technical drawings from architecture, industrial, engineering and interior design flat or paper plans. These are literally rendered from 2D into 3D using advanced computer graphics software for a realistic, real-world immersive viewer perspective, complete with accurate depth, proportions, lighting and shadows.

What are the benefits of these videos?

This videos are great tools for technical companies to showcase successfully completed client projects, as well as measure, estimate and pitch new client projects. It’s a highly technical storytelling technique using a project’s initial sketches to render them in a real-world, tangible video setting where the viewers can get a feel for the finished project – even before a single shovel breaks ground.

3D videos can be the ultimate web sales tool for industrial and design firms. They can help anyone on a technical team share a project vision with the client, beyond just listing out the details. They’re also an indelible, dynamic portfolio selling the company’s design innovation to more clients in a beautiful, complete and realistically rendered 3D video landscape – truly bringing a new project concept to life.

What does this package include?

The basic version of our 3D Render Video includes 1:00 minute of video play time with one royalty-free stock music track.

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