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Company, Product Videos are Key for B2B Marketing

Video is becoming one of the main tools for B2B Marketing. For the last years, marketing studies have concluded that way more than 50% of the executives prefer to watch a video rather than reading the equivalent text content.

According to a Forbes Insights Video Marketing study, more than 60% of those who watched a complete video clicked somewhere to check information about its author and more than 40% declared to have contacted the vendor after watching his video.

And what´s more important: about 50% of those executives who saw a marketing video decided at some point to make a purchase related to the presented product for their businesses.

Other relevant conclusions about why video is becoming a critical information source for directives.

More than 70% of the executives manifest to have seen videos related to their business domain at least one per week, being more than half of them in YouTube.

Videos clearly influence decisions. About 65% have visited the vendor´s website after watching one of his videos.

Young executives are more prone to make a purchase, call the vendor or answer some video ad.

Social factor is key for this young segment. More than half of the executives share videos with their colleages at least once every week, and receive relevant videos with that same frequency.

Interestly enough, for B2B videos shorter is not always better. 3-5 minutes Explianer Videos for products are more valued than shorter than 3 minutes videos. This is probable due to the need of relevant data and information of this target, instead of just short, advertising formats.

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