How to Talk to People´s Subconcious with Videos

Video content is the best tool to get to reach people’s subconscious and improve dramatically your Digital Marketing investments. Let's see why this happens. 


Videos showing people or drawings of people activate parts of your brain related to empathy and emotions. This is essential for making a purchase recommendation. Whether it's real images or bullet points, faces and their associated emotions work. 


Voice is a key element to transmit and make information transmission more precise. A tone of voice with different volumes, inflections, etc. helps to communicate much better than just text. But beware! Most videos are displayed on cell phones and often without sound activated. The video should communicate your message without voice. 


Emotions are contagious. A great text can create emotions, no doubt. But the combination of video and audio has a higher capacity to influence and provoke reactions on people. The key to making a message memorable is not so much consistency as the ability to provoke emotions


Because of evolutionary reasons we are programmed to be attracted by movement. Movement helps to fixate the attention of people, even when it's soft.

Movement helps to fix people's attention, even when it is barely noticeable. That is why many videos based on static images are enriched with effects on these or animated texts. 

Besides being able to tell a great story, your video should be able to play with faces, voice, emotions and movement. These elements combined connect with the 'collective subconscious', and is the basis of film and TV as the most powerful communication tools for the last century.

Luis G. de la Fuente 2 weeks ago
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