How to Make Great Marketing Videos

Don't compare yourself to the big brands

The real challenge of video marketing is being able to help businesses and startups regardless of their size or budget.

Your reference cannot be what Apple or Samsung is doing with their videos, and their millions of plays. There are opportunities and potential audiences for any differentiated value offering. 

The key right now in videos is not in the number of plays, but in the content creators. If a private individual who plays 'YouTuber' achieves great things on their own, that's the model for an SME to follow.

Speaking directly to your audience, and adding value in the form of practical advice, tutorials, using humor, being emotional, etc. is the key. 

The key is the overall vision

Don't look at the performance of a particular video. As with articles, it is easy to be disappointed by those who are not successful, and get too excited about those who are.

If you've posted several videos look at the overall trend of traffic and their positioning. Don't look for the 'viral video': there is no technique to achieve it. 

Create videos that people want to see

It doesn't matter what you do if people don't play it later. Make sure that your potential customers have available videos explaining what your product can do for them, how to use it, etc. It sounds simple but most small businesses are tempted to create something funny or viral. 

Learn from the experts

There are no 'gurus', but there are people with a lot of experience from which to learn things. In the matter of YouTube and online videos there are no magic wands, but there are people who try out many new strategies and techniques. We'll keep you up to date on many of them in this blog. 

The good news: most people are still learning, it's not too late to start. And there's relatively little video content yet, which still more than rewards any company that takes the plunge. 

Follow a strategy

We regularly publish here how to optimize titles, descriptions, tags, etc. to position videos or distribute them. But none of this makes sense if you don't know what you're doing it for. You must have long-term video marketing plan of what you really want to achieve, with recurring goals and procedures. 

For example, every time you produce a video, do you know what you're going to do with it? are you going to create a post or share it on social networks to get traffic? is the video part of a series or will it work on its own? Spinning things seems elementary now, but in the actual execution everything usually blurs. 


The key for the SME will still be to achieve two things with the least possible investment: 1) producing videos that add value and conversion, and 2) getting those videos to the right audience. These are your priorities, and that's what you need to focus on.

Luis G. de la Fuente 1 month ago
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