How to Make Effective Video Ads for Facebook and YouTube

Let's review some quick tips on how to create effective Video Ads for Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. 

First Define your Audience

Instead of creating a long and complex video to make yourself known, try creating short videos focused on one audience each. Or on an attitude of that audience.

Creating, and running video marketing campaigns is relatively simple if you have clear objectives. It's more a matter of time than money, and finding the people (and attitudes) who are really looking for your offer. 

5 Seconds to Get to the Point

The beginning of the video is aimed at capturing attention, and the rest is aimed at informing and reinforcing what you have said at the beginning, without being repetitive and making a call to action.

The first 5 seconds are what determine success. A good way to make sure you say the right thing in these 5 seconds is to imagine that the ad lasts only 5 seconds. If there is something critical missing, edit it until those 5 seconds are when you are communicating what you really want to say. 

Keep it Short and Simple

You can't stress this enough. The reality is that hardly anyone takes the trouble to watch business videos longer than 15-20 seconds, unless they are really relevant at the time.

Video Ads should never be longer than 15 seconds. Facebook even recommends a maximum of 10 seconds.

Use Voiceover 

Many YouTube users have the platform running while doing other things, as a 'music thread', without watching the videos. 

Ads that only have music will go totally unnoticed. On the other hand, many adverts are seen on the cell phone without voice. The best thing: make them have a voice but can be seen without a voice.

Create Different Versions

It can be done with different versions of the same video, each of which can focus on a specific message. Also, in addition to having a video for each stage of the buying process you can measure the effectiveness of each video and keep the most effective one. 

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