How Many Types of Company Videos Are There?

There are a number of strategies for using video. The key: to have clear objectives that we want to achieve. Lets review different types of videos according to the use we are going to give them. 

Value Adding Videos 

If you invest the time and money needed to create and propagate a video, make sure it will leave a lasting impact. Examples of this type of video can be step-by-step tutorials, product use cases, etc. 

These types of videos are assets with which your business can provide valuable and useful information to customers, while improving your image. Which leads us to the next question.

Connecting with Customers

One of the advantages of online video is its ability to connect with the public. By combining sound with images we can create emotions that will never leave you indifferent.

By offering a lot of information in a short time in a digestible way, a commercial can easily explain a product, or a programmer how to do certain tricks with his app. 

Marketing and Communication 

The video can be shared across many platforms. And this is something that users do when they like what they see.

Instead of just uploading a press release to your website, email a video that in 30 seconds or 1 minute summarizes your new products or services, and how happy your customers will be with them.


The video has limited applications in marketing and sales, but it is a good tool for communication, recruitment and team building.

For example, Human Resources can use videos to explain corporate culture and procedures, in a much more effective way than with classic manuals.

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