Email Marketing and Videos: A Winning Combination

Videos for Email Marketing

The combination of video and email marketing makes perfect sense. Attracting subscribers is the most effective way to build a segmented audience, and on the other hand the interest in video is growing.

Still underutilized

However, studies conducted among Online Marketing executives find that they are still a minority who use video in their Email Marketing campaigns. About half of these executives say they don't use video simply because they don't have video to post, this being the main obstacle to their adoption.

Then there's the cost of producing video, the perception of video as a non-priority, and the skepticism that they can really make a difference. Despite the slow adoption, a large majority of professionals are favoring putting videos in their emails, which may indicate that a big change is coming in the medium term. 

Good results

Those who have used the videos in their email campaigns can say that they have had good returns. CTR rates and retention times in newsletters and websites are substantially improved using video.

For Online Stores, online video can play a key role toward purchase. Video is part of the Content Marketing boom, and can be used to connect with customers in alternative ways to traditional ones.

Luis G. de la Fuente 2 weeks ago
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