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5 Actionable Video Strategies for Almost Anyone

It’s no secret anymore that video marketing is the wave of the future in the digital space. It’s already all around: more and more businesses are choosing video marketing to promote their products and brands – and attract more loyal fans. 

It is an ideal method to connect with users in a fast, direct and emotional way. So today we will talk about what is video marketing and what video marketing strategies can we follow.


Video marketing is the use of video within a digital strategy to publicize, position, promote and sell a product or brand with a single purpose: to achieve the goals set by the company. 

This type of marketing strategies attract so much because it is easy and quick to consume, it does not require any effort, in addition to being entertaining and adding value.


Seeing it this way makes you want to use video marketing in your digital strategy, right? Well, there is more!

 People are much more entertained with a video than with an image. That is why the proximity of the videos, their compatibility, and ‘viralization’, generate trust, visibility, credibility and arouses great interest from the consumer. 

If you want to be effective with your marketing strategy, we propose 5 video marketing strategies that will not fail you:

1 Appeal to emotions and experiences

The star ingredient for a video to be successful is based on emotion. You can use the technique you want but if you can remove something in the user you will earn many points in your strategy.

2 Video marketing with influencers

This is indeed a point that perhaps newly created companies could not access, but, having a person who helps you promote your video through their channels and towards their followers, is undoubtedly one of the best strategies.

3 Streaming on social networks

Undoubtedly one of the trends in terms of video marketing, we are referring to brands or companies, is to transmit live through social networks. Through this method, companies can humanize and emphasize more with their consumers while transmitting trust.

4 Interactive video

These videos are used so that the actions of the users have benefits for the company, such as, for example, gaining subscribers. One of the most used formulas in this type of video is to request an email to continue watching it. To be interactive, it must be in a portal that allows interaction, such as Wistia, Play Film, among others.

5 Tutorials

The tutorials will drive more web traffic to your page, not to mention as it will generate valuable content for your followers. The correct structure of the video tutorial should be: explain what is going to be done, show how it is done and finish reviewing the main points.

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