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5 Tactics For More Leads On Social Media

Companies keep scrambling to gain more followers, likes and shares on social media networks. But are these still the most valuable metrics or the keys to success on those networks? 

Today, the potential of social networks goes much further. Lead generation has become the real goal of digital marketing on social media. Quality leads are potential customers for a business. And social media is an excellent way to do it.

There are different definitions and typologies of lead. In general, a lead is a user who has given his data to a company. In this way, you become a potential client with whom you can interact to close a sale.

The lead generation strategies are different but the goal is always the same: to collect data. However, not all leads have the same quality. Depending on the phase of the sales funnel you are in, we can differentiate three types of lead:

Cold lead. The user has provided basic information, such as email address, to get something in return (an ebook, participating in a raffle, etc). This is usually the initial stage of the purchasing process.

Qualified Marketing Lead (MQL). They are in a more advanced phase of the sales funnel. In general, they identify with your ‘buyer persona’ because they have shown interest in your products or services on more than one occasion.

Qualified Lead for Sale (SQL). This user is in the most advanced phase of the sales funnel. These people have shown more interest in your company and have accepted more direct contact with us, for example, through a phone call or a demo request.

To obtain quality leads on social networks, it is necessary to develop a digital marketing strategy adapted to the features of each social network.

And now that you know what a lead is, let’s go with the best tactics to capture leads on social networks.

Tips for capturing quality leads on social media

Of all the potential customers you get, only a percentage completes the purchase process of your products or services. Therefore, the greater the number of leads, the greater the probability of obtaining new clients.

If you want to increase the leads from your business database, apply these recruitment techniques in your social media marketing strategy.

  1. Create ads on social media

Getting leads with ads is one of the most effective techniques. Of course, you must first know in which networks your target audience moves. Within each platform you have specific tools for this type of campaign:

Facebook Lead Ads. With these ads, you can get enough conversions, since the platform facilitates immediate subscription. From your page, you can download the lead data and import it into your CRM or email marketing tool.

Twitter Lead Generation Card: Twitter Ads offers this tool for lead generation. You just have to create a Twitter Card with the Lead Generation option. Don’t forget to add your website address or a landing page with your offer.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. With this tool, you can get leads through forms that contain data provided by the platform itself. It is a great way to have relevant information from your potential customers to create personalized campaigns.

  1. Participate in conversations

Social networks are a space to interact with. If you want to enhance your brand image to capture leads, you must be very active in the networks where you have a presence.

Always respond as soon as possible to your followers’ comments, whether positive or negative. In this way, users will feel cared for and valued. Responding to negative comments with politeness and respect is important. Whether the user is right or not, he offers a solution or alternative to his problem.

  1. Use social media groups

Facebook and LinkedIn stand out for having groups of any subject. These conversation spaces are perfect for energizing content and connecting with your audience. Find the interest groups for your target audience and join them.

Once admitted to the group, it is important that you know and respect the rules so that your content is not considered spam. In general, you can share your blog articles and, if allowed, you can publish content download landings pages.

Your publications must be accompanied by a personalized description and especially addressed to the members of the group.

  1. Take care of the content

Social networks are living spaces. Publishing content has great importance. Create interesting content that catches the attention of users. If you want to generate leads, share quality content regularly.

Don’t forget to adapt the format to the particularities of each social network. For example:

Facebook is perfect for obtaining leads through landing pages with contests or promotions.

Twitter stands out for its immediacy. You can take advantage of this platform by creating a banner with an offer that redirects the user to a landing where to leave their data.

Instagram is the most recommended network for companies that can enhance the more visual side of their brand.

  1. Choose the networks where your audience is

When it comes to capturing leads, it is much more effective to be present only on the social networks that your target audience uses. In this way, you can focus your efforts on working with an audience that is truly interested in your services or products.

To generate quality leads, it is essential to locate the networks that your audience uses. For example, if your company is in the B2B sector, LinkedIn is probably the social network where you can attract more followers. But if your brand is related to fashion, travel or aesthetics, Instagram may be the safest bet.

In short, there is no single formula for lead generation. However, by practicing these tactics you will have a better chance of success in your strategy. As always, we recommend you test, measure and analyze to find out what works best for your target audience.

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