Newsletters are an important tool for any company

5 steps to make an effective newsletter

 A newsletter is a text you have to send with a certain periodicity by mail, to contacts or clients. This newsletter is for people who have shown their interest in some information about your company.

In general, the reason why a newsletter exists is to have a very good email contact list, which you should have created with subscribers with a real interest in your company, brand or services.

Anyway, without having to make a large financial outlay, a newsletter will help you retain customers and potential customers who trust your company. On the other hand, you have to keep in mind that a newsletter will increase traffic on your website.

How to make an effective newsletter

First of all, there are two important points to keep in mind:


  1. Having a quality mailing list is essential to start sending communications. You can create it from the company’s customer database (asking for permission) or through a form that you post on your website or blog to get records.
  2. Subscribers who leave you their email are giving a vote of confidence to your company and are usually the highest quality followers.


Step 1. Create an attractive design.

Your newsletter should have a headboard, a body, and a closure. This way, you invite the receptor to read. However, it is better to not include many graphic elements (photos, infographics, 20 different fonts …) because they might distract the readers.

Nonetheless, using predesigned emailing templates can make your task easier. At the same time, if you control design and HTML, it is best to personalize your company’s newsletters and give them the stamp of your brand.

Step 2. Structure of the information

The structure of your newsletter can be in columns or paragraphs. You have to organize the information from more important to less important. Remember to establish a place where you will locate buttons or possible banners.

Step 3. Do not abuse of CTA (Calls to Action)

Do not lose the main idea of your newsletter. Making several claims (“See more”, “Read more”, “Download the ebook”, “Subscribe”, “Buy now”, “Share on networks”, “Other testimonies”, etc) will disturb the readers. In summary, if you use these resources excessively, you can confuse the reader. Even worse, make him believe that your information is spam.

Step 4. Create valuable content.

Use great content to make your brand more attractive to the readers. Generally, a tone of “you to you”: will show closeness. Above all, try to be consistent with your brand, with the values ​​you want to project, and for which you want to be known and recognized.

Step 5. Responsive Design

Ultimately, make sure your newsletter has a compatible format with any device. Remember that your contacts or clients use computers, tablets or smartphones.

In conclusion, if you have a good email list and you follow these 5 steps we made for you, you will make your newsletter a powerful tool.


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